Monday, 16 April 2012


I love floral's and if my husband (Mr B) would allow it I'd have floral's everywhere, and I mean everywhere! So because I'm not allowed too many floral's, although I do sneak them into the house slowly so he doesn't notice, I have to search for floral's to inspire me on the internet.
Floral's just put a smile on my face, there's nothing nicer than a bunch of flowers no matter what they are. I always try to have a bunch of flowers on my windowsill in my little office and in the kitchen.

Floral fashion's-
What a gorgeous bag if you don't want to wear the floral trend this Spring, this bag would look great dressed down with skinny jeans and a cute T-shirt. 

I love this Blue floral Hydrangea dress from Oasis, defintely one for a Spring/Summer wedding! 

Floral decor- 

I do love a tin, so these floral tins from Cath Kidston would brighten up any Kitchen work surface. 

Or how about this beautiful Velvet laptop sleeve from Cox and Cox

Or for the brave how about this beautiful wallpaper from Harlequin called Elodie. 

And finally Floral food- 

I've never cooked with Lavender before but I might have to give these a try, Lavender Shortbread biscuits

How unbelievably pretty are these Violet cup cakes, so very very pretty!


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    1. I'd love the wallpaper too, not sure I'd be allowed it though. x

  2. i'm partial to a bit of floral myself :)
    Just found you from your FB page, cute blog. Where in Yorkshire are you? I'm in Suffolk bu i go to Yorkshire to visit my Gran who lives in Northallerton :)x

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