Sunday, 1 April 2012

Egg Decor

How beautiful are these egg decorations, hand painted and used to decorate a room or table for Easter. You could even get the kids decorating some.
How to Blow eggs-
Using a large needle such as a darning needle, make a small hole at the top of the egg, scratch the shell first to prevent it from cracking.
Repeat at the bottom of the egg, you'll need to slowly make these holes bigger.
Use the needle to pierce the egg yolk,put a bowl under the egg and gently blow through the top, the egg will come out of the hole in the bottom.
Gently wash out the egg with cold water.
Now you can paint them.

To decorate them you can use acrylic paint, food dye or emulsion paint. Get creative and have some fun!
You can dry each part using a hair-dryer on a cool setting, just make sure its a foot away when drying.

To hang them use a piece of wire that is twice the length of your egg plus 2 cm to form a loop.
Double up the wire, then thread a small bead or pearl onto it, the bead needs to be bigger than the bottom hole, the bead should hang at the loop. Thread the doubled up wire through your egg, so that the bead is at the bottom.
Make a loop at the top with the excess wire, you can hang it up with ribbon.

You could even use the left over egg mixture to make some of Florence's favourites.

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